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The Florentine Classic Boat Tour

A romantique and unique Cruise on the Arno river with a private Boat Tour. The boatman will guide you in discovering the hidden corners of the city and its splendor.You can experience an exclusive and romantic moment of relaxation.

The history of this boat

The origin of this splendid vessel is still to be established, but it may date back to ancient times, when the more marshy waters of the Arno River and the narrower channel required a slimmer, flat-bottomed type of boat so as not to run aground in the shallows. The boat grew over the centuries in size due to the need to transport a large amount of materials for the construction of the city walls of Florence along the river, becoming the "barchetto boat" we know today.

Types of material

The absolute masters in the construction of this type of boat are undoubtedly the Venetian craftsmen, but also in Florence there were cases of boat builders. Different types of wood are used in the construction of this kind of boat, depending on their flexibility, hardness and porosity: strong oak for the sides (subject to bumps and knocks), fir for the bottom (lighter to improve smoothness on the water), durable cherry for the platform, larch for its water resistance and lime for the boatman seat.

Private boat tour on the Arno river

Cruising on the Arno is a fantastic alternative to see as many iconic sights as possible from a different and privileged vantage point. From the Ponte Vecchio to the iconic Florentine palaces, we are waiting for you to enjoy the splendour of our city.




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