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A “Green” Light for the Bernini Palace

A “Green” Light for the Bernini Palace


Fri, 06/04/2021 - 09:00

The Bernini Palace Lounge

The Bernini Palace reopened in Florence in May and guests are now back to stay in the structure. In the meantime, in recent months the hotel has invested in the refurbishment of its interiors and environmental sustainability. When it comes to projecting itself into the future and staking everything on “green” technology in particular, this 5-star hotel is setting its sights high to prove to its guests how luxury can be more and more sustainable. Let’s see how.

The Progetto Green: small gestures that save the planet

The 5-star Bernini Palace has joined the so-called Progetto Green, a project that embraces the whole hotel, from top to bottom. One of the mainstays of the initiative is energy saving. Low-consumption LEDs are used for all sources of illumination. These bulbs not only reduce energy consumption by 80% compared to traditional ones, but also lower CO2 emissions. Judging from the data, it’s as if eight trees are being saved for every guest.

As regards cleaning, the hotel is careful to use biodegradable “green” detergents contained in PET bottles. Since every detail counts, guests are offered card cups individually sealed in biodegradable wrapping and glass bottles, while the volumes in the hotel’s “I libri della buonanotte” (Goodnight Books) library, available in all rooms, are produced exclusively with FSC paper, which has transparent wood certification. FSC paper is also used for all the rest of the hotel’s communication. Toners, waste batteries and all materials that demand special attention are disposed of separately.

Another green initiative involves the treatment of textile materials of every type. The Bernini has decided to rely on the Pedersoli Group to address the issue. The company adopts systems that reduce energy consumption by 35% compared to traditional ones, thus limiting emissions and the use of natural resources. This is why Pedersoli is one of the first companies in the world to receive ISO 9001 process certification and UNI EN 14065product hygienic quality certification.

Another fundamental factor is choice of suppliers, who the Bernini selects on the basis of the materials they use for their products. One example is Bottega dell’Albergo, which produces corn starch bags for guests’ garments, not to mention the TNT bags used in lieu of plastic ones for disposable slippers. Then there’s Segafredo Zanetti S.p.a. which supplies excellent coffee and related services in full obedience of the ethical values of propriety, integrity, honesty and fair competition in its business management practices. And La Via del Tè, a member of CONAI (Italian National Packing Consortium) is already developing specific initiatives to control and reduce the impact of its activities on the environment by favouring recyclable materials for production processes, disposing of waste in loco, and adopting recyclable/biodegradable packaging.

One of the Bernini Palace’s suites

A showcase for sustainable startups

Bernini is a partner of the Travel and Joy Urban Green Solution project devised by Federica Broghi and the Icons Production team for the city of Florence in the first edition of a format that is planned to extend to Italy and beyond. Its objective is to promote a new culture of urban wellbeing with innovative cultivation techniques and the regeneration of sites and land.

In the following months, Florence and environs will be transformed into a hub for the cultural popularisation of sustainability with outdoor events, workshops and conferences. The city’s piazzas, parks and historical buildings will host green companies and start-ups from all over the world, specialised not only in hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics and protected cropping, but also representing sectors such as design, architecture and fashion.

The concept of Cm0, an offshoot of Km0, will also be introduced to Florence. Meaning that the agricultural fields of the future will invade the city and become accessible to all, even those who don’t own land, a terrace or a garden.

The comprehensive project of the Bernini Palace and the Gruppo Duetorrihotels is totally focused on sustainability and the pursuit of new paths for more eco-sustainable tourism.


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