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A typical dish: Tuscan Crostini

A typical dish: Tuscan Crostini


Thu, 07/27/2023 - 10:00

The recipe for Tuscan crostini has very ancient origins. Historians testify that this dish was already present in the banquets of the Romans many centuries ago. During the famous lucullian dinners, fish and meat were served on plates or trays, from which diners took at their leisure the various dishes. The slices of bread were used to take in comfort oils, sauces or small pieces of minced meat, giving rise to a kind of croutons.

Continuing to explore history to understand the evolution of Tuscan crostini, the medieval chronicles reveal that this dish turned into a dish in its own right and was served as such.

In Tuscany, it was customary to toast the slices of bread and then wet them with broth or wine, to be then covered with minced meat. Despite its modest origin, the Tuscan crouton was incredibly tasty and liked very much to the nobility, thus becoming part of the Tuscan culinary tradition and spread in many lands of the old continent.

Come and enjoy this tasty Tuscan dish, served together with cold cuts and cheeses, at our Restaurant La Chiostrina.






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