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The Bernini Palace in Florence: Clefs d’Or and the keys of the city

The Bernini Palace in Florence: Clefs d’Or and the keys of the city


Fri, 07/02/2021 - 09:00

The Les Clefs d’Or plaque in the hotel

A small but important and revealing detail: the two Concierges at the Bernini Palace in Florence wear a badge in both lapels of their uniforms. Its two-gold crossed key symbol has an interesting history behind it, closely connected with the special care and attention with which each single guest is welcomed to the hotel. Let’s find out more.

The Clefs d’Or: the world’s concierge elite is at home at the Bernini

About 4,500 in almost 50 countries all over the world display the crossed-keys symbol. They are members of a very select club of the best in their field on duty in the top-rate hotels. The Les Clefs d’Or organisation was founded in 1929 by Pierre Quentin, Concierge at the Hotel Ambassador in Paris, who first had the idea of bringing together the best in the business to stimulate growth in the profession and facilitate relations and communication. The network subsequently spread to other European countries and across the world, using the crossed keys as its emblem. Today it is a network that multiplying and broadening the scope of the hotel porter’s role. The Clefs d’Or concierge is at once a facilitator and a mediator, a counsellor and a shoulder to rest on. They talk with people from every corner of the world and meet every request with their competence and knowledge. And whenever the occasion demands, they can rely on an international network of colleagues to respond to the most singular needs and wishes. 

Two professionals at the service of Guests 

Let’s meet the Concierge Les Clefs d’Or concierges at the Bernini Palace, Lorenzo Illiberi and Alessandro Becattini. Like guardian angels, they solve any problem that arises and always find the right way to satisfy the guest with politeness and an impressive flair for planning, flexibility and problem-solving.
They possess not only the keys to the hotel but also the keys to the city, opening the doors to museums, sporting and theatrical events, restaurants, night life, shopping, and experiences of every type. They are familiar with single artisan workshops, products, curiosities and secrets unknown to tourists. Preparing exclusive offers is arguably the most enjoyable part of their job. They suggest and organise bespoke tours with multilingual guides, drivers and personal shoppers in Florence, the rest of Tuscany and beyond. They can purchase museum tickets to avoid queues, recommend wedding planners, and book hairstylists, beauty treatments and in-room massages.  
What guests remember with most pleasure at the end of their holiday or business trip is the smiles, the small kindnesses and the feeling of being at home. The priceless sensation of feeling listened to and understood. The irreplaceable “human touch” that the gold keys worn with pride by Lorenzo and Alessandro sum up in a single image.


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