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Patti Smith at the Bernini Palace, in the city of her most legendary concert

Patti Smith at the Bernini Palace, in the city of her most legendary concert


Fri, 08/20/2021 - 11:00

The vinyl signed by Patti Smith

“At least once a day, every day, since September 10 1979, I’ve thought about that memorable concert, arguably the best, certainly the most powerful, in my artistic career.” This is how, in 2009, Patti Smith looked back on her first encounter with Florence and the crowd of 80,000 people who turned up to welcome her. Over the years she grew more and more attached to the city and has returned on various occasions. And like many stars visiting Florence, has she stayed at the Bernini Palace, leaving many a fond memory. 

An artistic career spanning decades

Born in Chicago in 1946, Patti Lee Smith was initially an underground poet, sleeping in the metro and on the steps of buildings. She then joined the circles of New York intellectuals such as Andy Warhol, Lou Reed. and Bob Dylan before beginning her musical career at the age of 28. Her first album, Horses, was released in 1975. When she first came to Florence in 1979, she had already recorded various albums and the song “Because The Night”, one of her biggest hits. Eighty thousand people heard her at the Stadio Franchi on that occasion. She then retired from the scene for almost ten years only to return to the crest of the wave with new hits such as “People Have The Power”. Exactly 30 years later, in 2009, Patti Smith was back in Florence to celebrate the anniversary of that first legendary concert, her voice as ever at the service of powerful lyrics and devastating messages. Patti Smith cannot be pigeonholed into an idea or a single talent: she is at once a rock icon, a composer, a poet, a photographer and a writer. 

The vinyl signed by Patti Smith

A meeting with a special fan at the Bernini

In 2019 was in Florence yet again after receiving an honorary degree at Padua University. Patti Smith met the mayor, visited some of the rooms in Palazzo Vecchio and soaked in the city. And, of course, she stayed at the Bernini Palace. Here she was welcomed by manager David Foschi, a great music lover, who repeated what for him had become almost a ritual. As he had already done with the Simple Minds, he brought one of his original vinyls for her to autographed. The singer kindly complied and signed the cover in her beautiful, elegant, almost of-fashioned handwriting. As David Foschi says, “I was excited and I paid her my compliments”. Patti not only autographed the cover but also wrote a special dedication on the inside label citing one of her most famous songs, “People Have The Power”. After which a few words in the Bernini’s VIP guest book were also de rigueur. 

The guest book signed by Patti Smith


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